Spring, Summer and Fall Jobs at Bear Creek Ranch for 2016




_____Full Time Horse help for May through Oct.


Lots of ability working with mares, foals, yearlings and 2 yr. olds. Everyday is all horse work, 6 days a week. Saddling, grooming, warming up, cooling down, and everything else involved with young horses and show horses in training. You also have to maintain the barns and yes, clean stalls too.


Wages depend on experience and ability.  No room for your extra baggage. No cell phones at work and no smoking anywhere on our ranch.


You must have a valid drivers lic. and reliable transportation.




____Full or Part Time help May thru Sept.


This job can involve many different types of skills.  You may need to feed horses and cattle and clean horse pens.  You may need to sort cattle and work them through the chute.  You may need to spray weeds, weedeat and mow lawns.  You may need to fix or build fence and you might need to change irrigation line.  This job requires someone that can receive a to do list and self motivate throughout the day to accomplish the tasks listed.   There is also a possibility of helping with the farming and haying if you are capable of running the needed equipment.



You must have a valid drivers lic. and reliable transportation.



Please send us an email at bearcreekranchangus@gmail.com with your job desire, your skills and abilities and your contact information.  You are welcome to send us your full resume this way also.




We raise Champion Reined Cow Horses and Top quality Registered Black Angus Breeding Stock. You can learn a lot working at our ranch for a summer if you want to, lets talk.



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